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North Dallas Psychic has been servicing North Dallas and North Dallas Metroplex for over 20 years.


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North dallas psychic is locally owned and operated in Dallas, TX. Lana offers senior discounts. North dallas psychic is licensed in the state of Texas. Lana can offer you a number of services from palm reading to precognition. If your prediction isn’t at least 98% accurate, then you don’t pay! Call us or submit the online form for details.

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Psychic Lana Stevens - Dallas Contact.

Posted by The Real Psychic Lana Stevens.

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"August 26th, 1997, on behalf of Dallas area chapter of America Red Cross, we would like to thank you for your generous donation to our United Way campaign held during the week of August 18th, 1997. We are pleased to tell you that with your help our chapter employees get over $13,600 to assist thousands of people in our community served by United Way agencies your donation of a past life reading and two psychic readings were auctioned off at our Live auction during the campaign opening ceremony. Again thank you for your support, we hope to be of service to you in the near future."
Blanchard Darlin
Dallas, Texas

"Lana Stevens has also worked with Jerry Lewis fund raising (Jerry Lock-up Fund Raising) where she has donated her time and raised money for Jerry Lewis' lock up here in Dallas."

"Thank you Lana Stevens for all your help at my deepest darkest moments."
-Brittany, California

"I recently had the life-changing pleasure of becoming one of Lana Stevens clients. To say she is unique in her style, unparalleled in her talents and uncompromising in her integrity would not do justice to the depth and range of her capabilities. I came to her in total desperation following an 18 month experience with another psychic that ended up draining me financially, psychically, and spiritually. I was at wit's end and by the grace of God was guided to connect with Lana. Within 30 seconds (I kid you not) our conversation, she had sized up the situation with stunning accuracy and prescribed a path to both eliminate the negativity that had plagued me for many years, but also created a ritual to introduce me to the absolute love of my life. (I met her 3 days after the ritual was completed!)

I am a changed man (today - - in large measures due to Lana's devotion and dedication to my well being she said at the outset that within 2 months of her work that I would experience: "Plop, plop... Fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is..." I must confess that I didn't believe at the outset that this was possible, but I will shout proudly from any mountain to that she was good on her word and that in my opinion, she has a beautiful, gifted and results-oriented psychic."

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