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North Dallas Psychic has been servicing North Dallas and North Dallas Metroplex for over 20 years.


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Palm Reading, Voodoo and
Tarot Cards in United States

Your journey begins here Treat your Mind & Spirit and body to an Experience like no other.

I Combine my God Given Gift of Clairvoyance & Clairaudience to help my clients and let them know that they are not alone in their Struggle.

I will show you how the limitation that block you from achieving your full potential.

Are you looking for a Vision into your Future? Come see the North Dallas Psychic to have a reading today. Our Professional 7th generation Celebrity Psychic is Lana Stevens. She is a Master of the Psychic Arts. She is also a Master of Voodoo, Wicca, and Kabbalah. Lana offers a number of services and specialty products to her clients. North Dallas Psychic is located in Dallas, TX. Available for parties and social events/All sessions private and confidential.

Our Services:

  • Aroma therapy
  • Chakra Clearing
    and Balancing
  • Aura Interpretations
  • Cleansing Negativity
  • Climb The Corporate Ladder Spell
  • Psychic Vibrations
  • Energy Readings

  • Color Therapy
  • Palm Reading
  • Past Life Regression
  • Reiki Therapy
  • Reunite Lovers
  • Somo Imagrata Spell
  • Aura Interpretations
  • Love Reading
  • Black Magic

  • Spiritual Psychic Vibrations
  • Psychic Reading
  • Lovers Psychic Reading
  • Tarot Cards
    Psychic Reading
  • Mini Psychic Reading
  • Detached Spirit
  • Spirit Retrieval

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Products We Offer:

  • Kiss My Ass Oil
  • Love Candles
  • Love Potions
  • Million Dollar Oil
  • Neroli Oil
  • Voodoo Night Oil

Spells Offered:

  • Reunite Love
  • Love Spell
  • Health Spell
  • Commitment Spell
  • Marriage Spell

  • Attraction Spell
  • Desire Spell
  • Money Spell
  • Achievement Spell
  • *Reversal Spell

  • Mother In Law Spell
  • Toad Spell
  • Peace Ritual
  • Bad Luck Spell

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Chakura Woman||||

We offer help in spiritual detachment.

What is a spiritual detachment, you ask? Well, let me explain. It is a release of your spirit - or perhaps energy - that comes from your mind, body, aura, or soul by deliberate intention.

Why do spirits detach themselves? There are
a few main reasons.

For example:

  • Emotional Abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical addiction, of which there
    are many different types

Most people are engaged in these habits subconsciously. Consequently, your spirit can become so overwhelmed that it detaches. However, we offer assistance in restoring the spirit with a reattaching technique so that it can return to where it belongs.

Entity Detachment

Results may very:

We also offer help in for example:

If a person has sustained physical, verbal, emotional, or perhaps sexual abuse, these are the common reasons for entities or dark spirits to attach to that person. The negative force, spirit or entity can be stronger than the person, and - in some cases - can be more aggressive. I've found that in most cases, a person who is being perpetually abused, allows an entity to attach as a defense mechanism, and is then over-powered by the dark spirit, or dark forces.

If the presence of a dark entity remains, it will make itself known by attracting negative energy, and negativity around you - such as negative people. It feeds itself off of dark, negative energy, so stop being a victim! When you have an addiction that is resistant to recovery it usually stems from a spirit that has attached itself. It has been my experience that it can be an ancestor who has crossed over from a previous life, and who also had the same addiction, or in some cases, it could be from your own past life. Unfortunately, a spirit can change the behavior of a person into an abusive, and in most cases, aggressive personality. Fortunately, I can help make sure that the entity goes back to where it belongs, of its own accord.

Spirit Retrieval

Results may very:

There is a lot of work to be done in order to retrieve ones spirit.

Spirit travel has been known throughout the centuries as psychic travel. Psychic travel is necessary in order to astral project through time. During a spiritual retrieval, a lingering piece of your soul is trapped in time, in another dimension. When done successfully, your soul, mind, body, and spirit will become reunited and thus, restored.

Also help with Entity Detaching which can happen when a person substains emotional, physical, verbal or sexual abuse. A person asks for help or is open to symptoms from a dark spirit or entity's because they appear to be stronger, another words more aggressive than the person who is perpetuating the abuse. A person uses the spirit or Entity to suspend them. This person does not see anyone else to help them. The spirit or entity does help them in these situations but unfortunately when help is no longer needed by the person, what they failed to realize, the spirit or entity than attracts negative people or situations so they can feed off the negative energy. This is why people think they are always a victim and that perhaps that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for them in a relationship or within their life. When a person has an addiction that is very resistant to recover there is either an unreal spirit that has attached themself to the person or the person has had an addiction in another life or it is the spirit of an ancestor that has crossed over that had the addiction. Spirit that has a similar addiction when they passed over but then not want to face the fact that their life has ended because they enjoyed their addiction. After crossing over, they looked around for someone who had their addiction that they could attach themselves to so they can continue to experience the addiction through that person. Unfortunately the spirit makes the person very irrational, stubborn, resistant to change the spirit can also change the persons personality in ways of behaving. In other words, they can become very abusive when confronted with their addiction.

The Spirit Held for Ransom

Results may very:

There are many cases where or when parts of your spirit reside but in who, such parts either (given up, projected for stolen) may be found lodged within another entity....held ransom to the slightest whim are fancy (see exorcisms). Your Energies, even segments of your consciousness may than be incorporated into that being only to be used and abused.

Tarot Cards Holiday Special 15 min. - $35.00

Palm and Tarot Cards reading - $75.00

Love reading - $100.00

Full Life reading - $175.00

• Palm, Tarot, Aura, Energy, Clairvoyance & Clairaudience

Super Full Life Reading (Done by Lana Stevens) - $300.00

• Palm, Tarot, Aura, Energy, Vibrations, Aura Interpretations, Color Therapy

• Also includes Lana`s Magic Garden Book, written by Lana Stevens and autographed

   - Limited addition, collectable

Unlimited questions

Six Month Forecast

Book - Lana’s Magic Garden Myths & Potions - $50.00

Life Coach - $85.00 per hour (Hourly daily weekly, monthly in or out of the country)

For - relationships, spiritual enlighten, career, be more responsible, or in any field that you would like.

Phone Reading – 20 min. -  $100.00

                              40 Min -  $200.00

                              1 hour -   $300.00

98% to 100 % accuracy on all services or you do not pay!

We have for sale: Love Candle, Love Potions Reunite Love, Peace Ritual, Drawing Ritual, Keep my Lover Faithful Spell, Flower Magic

We have so much more, please call us to inquirer on your desire.

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